Larijames has provided VenusFreeze™ Plus for several years, but we still get asked some common questions on the product. So we thought we’d put together this quick FAQ.

Venus Freeze makes effective wrinkle reduction easy and accessible to just about anyone. It’s completely pain-free and is safe for all skin tones. Curious if Venus Freeze is the right option for you? Read on!

4 FAQs About the Venus Freeze Treatment

How Does It Work?

The Venus Freeze process may be easy and quick – appointments take only 15 to 30 minutes – but it uses incredibly sophisticated technology to deliver results. During your appointment, a technician will hold a wrinkle reduction device to the treatment area. The devices use multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields that heat your skin to encourage collagen production. Increased collagen will minimize the appearance of elastic creases, laugh lines, crow’s feet, sagging, and cellulite. The process is completely safe and comfortable, and has long been used in conventional medicine.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

Within three treatments, you’ll likely begin seeing a reduction in wrinkles in areas treated with Venus Freeze. That’s just 30 to 90 days into the complete six-treatment program.

Is It Painful?

Venus Freeze doesn’t hurt. You’ll start with low heat settings and gradually build up to hotter ones that penetrate deep into the skin to mitigate wrinkles without pain. The technicians applying this procedure will ensure that you’re comfortable throughout your appointment and ready to move forward to higher temperatures as they go. The maximum heat level is comparable to what you’d experience during a hot stone massage.

Can I Return to Normal Activities After a Treatment?

With Venus Freeze, you won’t need time to recover. You may experience mild redness in the affected areas, but this typically fades within minutes or a few hours at most. This allows you to go back to work or otherwise live your life immediately after your appointment. It’s so convenient and subtle that you can sneak out for a lunchtime appointment and no one will be any wiser.