Venus Bliss

Everybody has their own reasons for wanting to make a change, whether it’s to enhance your workout results, trim down for a special occasion, or just feel more confident in your own skin again. While there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all when it comes to reaching your body goals, Venus Bliss from Larijames can help. Using diode laser technology to target fat and complementary radio frequency technology, these treatments work to slim and smooth the body without surgery or lengthy recovery periods. Now you can enjoy comfortable fat treatments with natural results.

How it works

Fat treatments with Venus Bliss™ are powered by diode laser technology within the laser lipolysis machine. Using up to four applicators that are applied on the abdomen and/or flanks, energy penetrates deep below the skin’s surface where the fat is heated and broken down.

Venus Bliss Advantages

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN RESULTS: One study showed that 75% of the patients were satisfied with the results of their Venus Bliss™ treatments and would recommend it to a friend.
  • COMFORTABLE TREATMENT EXPERIENCE: As many as 90% of patients in the study reported that they found the treatment and the Venus Bliss™ machine to be comfortable.
  • SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TONES: Technologies used in Venus Bliss™ are all proven to be safe and effective for all skin tones, including even darker complexions.
  • NO DOWNTIME: Return to your daily routine immediately after completing your treatment session.

Check out these Venus Bliss before and after pictures:

Venus Bliss before & after
Venus Bliss before & after 2
Venus Freeze Plus

Tired of your wrinkles? Larijames can help! We now offer the revolutionary Venus Freeze Plus system, which delivers non-invasive wrinkle reduction therapy. Minimize the appearance of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and rhytides for noticeably more youthful-looking skin in as little as six treatments.

Venus Freeze is a medical aesthetic device that delivers non-surgical anti-aging treatments. It safely and comfortably heats the deeper layer of your skin to increase collagen production, which smooths out fine lines and wrinkles and improves the look of sagging skin for a more youthful appearance. All with zero pain and no downtime! The treatment uses RF technology that’s safe for all skin types. This technology has been proven effective in triggering regenerative processes in the skin and has been used in conventional medicine for decades.

Venus Freeze

Watch our videos below to see how Venus Freeze Plus works: