About Larry Alati

Larry Alati is the founder of Larijames Salon & Spa, and has been in the business for over 30 years. He is a national educator with John Paul Mitchell Systems and always strives to keep his staff up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques.

New Service: Venus Bliss

Non-Invasive Lipolysis System A Safe and Effective Treatment Resulting in Fat Reduction of the Abdomen and Flanks is now available at Larijames Salon & Spa As many as 86% of consumers are bothered by excess weight on their body, according to a 2018 consumer survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS)—the concern has ranked first for six years in a row. Research has also shown that more and more consumers are seeking out non-invasive solutions that can deliver the results they want without the barriers of cost, pain, and downtime that are typically associated with surgery, especially when it comes to addressing their body aesthetic concerns. It’s no wonder then why non-surgical fat reduction was the most in-demand non-invasive body treatment among consumers in 2018. The Venus Bliss system [...]

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New Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty products

Larijames is now carrying Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty products! Part of our commitment to a more sustainable future, Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty combines clean formulas, organic botanicals, and innovative bio-based packaging, to offer natural solutions that are good for salons, guests, and the planet. These cruelty-free, vegan formulas have the clean ingredients you want, without the ones you don’t. Farm to Bottle Each Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty product is made with a curated collection of sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients beneficial for hair. We grow our ingredients on an organic bio-dynamic farm and manufacture our products using good vibes and 100% clean energy. What’s Sweeter Than a Bottle Made from Sugarcane? Our innovative bio-based packaging is 90% derived from sustainable sugarcane and features a low-profile cap that uses 46% less plastic* than the [...]

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To Mask or Not To Mask

On Monday May 17, Governor Cuomo announced that fully vaccinated people do not have to wear a mask, if they choose. In his press release, the Governor stated “Effective this Wednesday (May 19, 2021), we're going to adopt the CDCs new guidance and regulations on masks and social distancing for vaccinated people. By the CDC guidance, immunocompromised people and unvaccinated people should continue to wear a mask and social distance, but if you are vaccinated, you are safe. No masks, no social distancing. We're also going to follow the CDC's guidelines. We ask that you please show proof of vaccination if you choose not to wear a mask. We as a team will continue to wear masks until further notice. At the salon, we have been safe for over a year now and [...]

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COVID-19 – Rules for Phase 2

When entering the salon each individual needs to have their temperature taken. If you register 100.4 or higher we must refuse service. Any time workers or visitors must come within 6 ft. of another person, acceptable face coverings must be worn (ensuring that mouth and nose are covered). Individuals must be prepared to don a face covering if another person unexpectedly comes within 6 ft. Shared workstations will be cleaned and disinfected between clients. We will limit the sharing of objects, such as tools, telephones, and writing utensils, as well as the touching of shared surfaces; or, require our staff to wear gloves when in contact with shared objects or frequently touched surfaces; or, require our staff to perform hand hygiene before and after contact. We will maintain hand hygiene stations [...]

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A message regarding COVID-19

Dear Larijames Valued clients, As we all endure an unexpected lifestyle shift due to COVID-19, and after countless hours of deliberation, Larijames Salon and Spa will close from March 17th to April 1st. This would be the best decision in being proactive to a situation that extends far beyond Larijames Salon and Spa. We appreciate your faith and support in us and our decision. We are doing our best to do the right thing for you, your families and ultimately our community, in trying to lessen the curve of this current situation and do our part in being socially responsible. As always we will be in touch with you about reopening, rescheduling, and your stylists availability, as we are working diligently to accommodate the needs of all our valued clients. Stay [...]

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Awapuhi Dry Shampoo Foam

New at Larijames: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Dry Shampoo Foam. Refresh your hair between washes and extend your blowout after the salon. Applied like a mousse at the roots, this fast-drying, lightweight dry shampoo foam works without water to leave hair looking and feeling clean. Ginger Tea Fragrance: Fresh notes of Italian bergamot and Sicilian lemon create a bright, energetic top note over the exotic complexity of ginger and beautiful florals. With additional notes of green tea, lily, ginger, jasmine, musk, wood and spice. WHAT IT DOES. Fast-drying, lightweight foam refreshes hair between washes. HOW IT WORKS. Absorbs oil and leaves hair looking fresh, without any chalky residue. ADDED BONUS. Features our proprietary KeraTriplex® technology and natural awapuhi extract to help balance moisture and eliminate frizz for a soft, healthy-looking finish.

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Your questions answered about VenusFreeze

Larijames has provided VenusFreeze™ Plus for several years, but we still get asked some common questions on the product. So we thought we'd put together this quick FAQ. Venus Freeze makes effective wrinkle reduction easy and accessible to just about anyone. It's completely pain-free and is safe for all skin tones. Curious if Venus Freeze is the right option for you? Read on! 4 FAQs About the Venus Freeze Treatment How Does It Work? The Venus Freeze process may be easy and quick – appointments take only 15 to 30 minutes – but it uses incredibly sophisticated technology to deliver results. During your appointment, a technician will hold a wrinkle reduction device to the treatment area. The devices use multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields that heat your skin to encourage collagen production. Increased collagen will [...]

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New Tea Tree Lavender Mint Products

Discover the powerful blend of oils used in the new Lavender Mint Curl Collection to help smooth and enrich textured hair. This oil blend is infused in each of the seven new Curl Collection Lavender Mint products: MONOI OIL: A French-Polynesian infused perfume-oil made by soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil that calms, quenches and smoothes unruly hair. PEQUI OIL: A Brazilian miracle oil containing tocopherol and rich lipids, two of the substances considered best for promoting healthy hair. JOJOBA OIL: A liquid wax ester produced from the oily seed of the jojoba plant that is full of fatty acids, mimicking the natural oils found in skin and hair. LAVENDER MINT MOISTURIZING COWASH Creamy, no-lather rinse gently cleanses the scalp and nourishes dry, coarse hair and natural [...]

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Neuro: Maximize your style with a product that can take the heat

Larijames is now carrying the new line of Neuro Intelligent Styling products. Made with exclusive HeatCTRL® technology, the scientifically proven regimen activates with heat to help protect against damage caused by daily styling, blow-drying, and smoothing. The new Neuro products include the following: NEURO™ RESHAPE Long-lasting, reshapable memory cream lets you go from curls to straight to waves with no product reapplication. Unique reworkable memory is heat activated, allowing you to shape and reshape your style using thermal tools. Exclusive HeatCTRL®technology reduces the rate of heat transfer from roots to ends when using thermal styling tools. NEURO™ LATHER Cleanses heat-stressed strands with a refreshing scent. Color-safe. Gently removes dirt and styler residue. Contains exclusive HeatCTRL® technology to help create an ideal foundation for using thermal styling tools. NEURO™ RINSE Rich conditioner replenishes [...]

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Make Chic Simple with Invisiblewear

Introducing new Invisiblewear® products from Paul Mitchell. The Invisiblewear® product line is a complete collection of hair care and styling products that's all about embracing the beauty of imperfection and making chic simple! New Invisiblewear products include: INVISIBLEWEAR® CLOUD WHIP Forms gorgeous, lived-in looks with a light-as-air feel. Velvet flower-infused formula conditions as it defines for soft, touchable texture. INVISIBLEWEAR® AIR GEL Adds volume and piecey texture with a light, touchable hold. Revivable formula bounces back for effortless second-day restyling. INVISIBLEWEAR® VELVET CREAM Smoothes and tames with featherlight definition. Non-greasy, velvet flower-infused formula softens strands for added manageability. INVISIBLEWEAR® SHAMPOO Cleanses and preps hair, creating the perfect foundation for effortless, undone looks. Volumizes, builds texture and adds life to dull hair. INVISIBLEWEAR® CONDITIONER Detangles hair and builds body to create the foundation for a [...]

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