New Tea Tree Lavender Mint Products

Discover the powerful blend of oils used in the new Lavender Mint Curl Collection to help smooth and enrich textured hair. This oil blend is infused in each of the seven new Curl Collection Lavender Mint products: MONOI OIL: A French-Polynesian infused perfume-oil made by soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil that calms, quenches and smoothes unruly hair. PEQUI OIL: A Brazilian miracle oil containing tocopherol and rich lipids, two of the substances considered best for promoting healthy hair. JOJOBA OIL: A liquid wax ester produced from the oily seed of the jojoba plant that is full of fatty acids, mimicking the natural oils found in skin and hair. LAVENDER MINT MOISTURIZING COWASH Creamy, no-lather rinse gently cleanses the scalp and nourishes dry, coarse hair and natural [...]

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Neuro: Maximize your style with a product that can take the heat

Larijames is now carrying the new line of Neuro Intelligent Styling products. Made with exclusive HeatCTRL® technology, the scientifically proven regimen activates with heat to help protect against damage caused by daily styling, blow-drying, and smoothing. The new Neuro products include the following: NEURO™ RESHAPE Long-lasting, reshapable memory cream lets you go from curls to straight to waves with no product reapplication. Unique reworkable memory is heat activated, allowing you to shape and reshape your style using thermal tools. Exclusive HeatCTRL®technology reduces the rate of heat transfer from roots to ends when using thermal styling tools. NEURO™ LATHER Cleanses heat-stressed strands with a refreshing scent. Color-safe. Gently removes dirt and styler residue. Contains exclusive HeatCTRL® technology to help create an ideal foundation for using thermal styling tools. NEURO™ RINSE Rich conditioner replenishes [...]

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Make Chic Simple with Invisiblewear

Introducing new Invisiblewear® products from Paul Mitchell. The Invisiblewear® product line is a complete collection of hair care and styling products that's all about embracing the beauty of imperfection and making chic simple! New Invisiblewear products include: INVISIBLEWEAR® CLOUD WHIP Forms gorgeous, lived-in looks with a light-as-air feel. Velvet flower-infused formula conditions as it defines for soft, touchable texture. INVISIBLEWEAR® AIR GEL Adds volume and piecey texture with a light, touchable hold. Revivable formula bounces back for effortless second-day restyling. INVISIBLEWEAR® VELVET CREAM Smoothes and tames with featherlight definition. Non-greasy, velvet flower-infused formula softens strands for added manageability. INVISIBLEWEAR® SHAMPOO Cleanses and preps hair, creating the perfect foundation for effortless, undone looks. Volumizes, builds texture and adds life to dull hair. INVISIBLEWEAR® CONDITIONER Detangles hair and builds body to create the foundation for a [...]

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