Give your scalp a total detox. Formulated with ingredients carefully selected for their skin-balancing properties, these hardworking products help to exfoliate away dead skin, remove buildup and balance oil—so your scalp is left feeling soothed, refreshed and better than ever.


It’s a method of deeply purifying the scalp by buffing away dead skin and excess oil to unclog pores and clear product buildup. Much like a facial, detoxing the scalp goes beyond your everyday cleanse. It gives your scalp a squeaky-clean feeling and promotes shiny, healthy, beautiful hair.


KOMBUCHA (BLACK TEA FERMENT). The star ingredient in our Kombucha Rinse! Sourced from fermented black tea leaves, it’s rich in antioxidants and lots of probiotics that help to balance the scalp and soothe irritation. The naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) exfoliate the scalp by clearing out dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum while promoting cell turnover to encourage a happy, healthy scalp.

HIMALAYAN PINK SALT. The exfoliation source in our Foaming Salt Scrub! It helps balance pH and remove impurities. The naturally exfoliating mineral also helps loosen and dissolve existing product buildup and dead skin, while stimulating circulation to promote a healthy scalp—leading to healthier hair with more volume, shine and strength.

FRENCH GREEN CLAY. Both nourishing and exfoliating, this powerful ingredient featured in our Foaming Salt Scrub helps clarify the scalp while soothing and absorbing excess oils and sebum.

VOLCANIC ASH. Composed of fine ash particles, this multitasking ingredient featured in our Foaming Salt Scrub helps gently exfoliate the scalp while it draws out impurities. Like a magnet for excess sebum, it helps absorb and balance overly oily hair. It’s also rich in beneficial minerals like potassium and calcium that can help leave the scalp looking and feeling clean, soft and smooth.