Tea Tree Special Detox

Give your scalp a total detox. Formulated with ingredients carefully selected for their skin-balancing properties, these hardworking products help to exfoliate away dead skin, remove buildup and balance oil—so your scalp is left feeling soothed, refreshed and better than ever. WHAT IS A SCALP DETOX? It’s a method of deeply purifying the scalp by buffing away dead skin and excess oil to unclog pores and clear product buildup. Much like a facial, detoxing the scalp goes beyond your everyday cleanse. It gives your scalp a squeaky-clean feeling and promotes shiny, healthy, beautiful hair. IT'S WHAT'S ON THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS KOMBUCHA (BLACK TEA FERMENT). The star ingredient in our Kombucha Rinse! Sourced from fermented black tea leaves, it’s rich in antioxidants and lots of probiotics that help to balance the scalp [...]

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Paul Mitchell Platinum Plus

New Platinum Plus Shampoo offers deep violet toning for medium to dark blondes and highlights. Platinum Plus Toning drops can be added to Paul Mitchell shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and stylers for instant, customizable purple toning. Key attributes: Highly concentrated violet shampoo instantly tones color and neutralizes brassiness Boosts brightness after just one use Hydrates and helps improve manageability Leaves hair feeling soft and healthy with beautiful shine

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Bond Rx Professional Bond-Building Treatment

BRILLIANT + RESILIENT Get stronger, healthier-looking hair with the Paul Mitchell Bond Rx System, now available at Larijames Salon. BREAK UP WITH BREAKAGE Bond Rx is an easy addition to any lightening or permanent hair color service, turning it into a bond-strengthening treatment. Use this complete system for stronger, more resilient hair. BOND AMBITION When chemical services, heat styling and environmental damage weaken the internal structure of the hair, the result is brittle, broken and damaged hair. Our clinically proven Bond Rx Technology targets weak and damaged bonds, crosslinking them to restore strength and resilience to the hair fiber. PROVEN TECH The Bond Rx Professional Treatment contains patented technology, which is activated by heat, targets those weak and damaged bonds, crosslinking them to restore strength and resilience to the hair fiber, [...]

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10 Minute Color

10-MINUTE PERMANENT CREAM HAIR COLOR Now at Larijames you can get the same beautiful, natural-looking color you love from Paul Mitchell® the color, but with a speedy 10-minute processing time for up to 100% coverage on 40%-60% gray hair. This low-ammonia permanent cream hair color is formulated with a naturally derived delivery system for ideal consistency, faster application and dye penetration—all with up to 100% gray coverage and beautiful results. Key benefits and features: Speedy 10-minute processing Low ammonia Natural beeswax base ChromaLuxe™ Technology Eucalyptus fragrance for a more pleasant coloring experience Book your appointment today, and we can help get rid of the gray in just 10 minutes.

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Tea Tree Hemp: Harness the Power of Hemp

New Tea Tree Hemp Products Create a retreat for mind, body, and hair with four new multitasking essential products now available at Larijames Salon & Spa Inspired by the meditative practice of forest bathing, Tea Tree Hemp delivers an earthy, mind-balancing aromatherapy experience with four new multitasking essentials. Tea Tree Hemp fully harnesses the plant’s power, using upcycled hemp extract—a valuable, protein-rich resource—to help restore hair and skin. More beauty benefits for you and your guests, less waste in the landfill. The complete line is now available at Larijames! TEA TREE HEMP RESTORING SHAMPOO & BODY WASH 2-IN-1 CLEANSER Creamy hemp-based lather gently cleanses hair and skin. Hydrating hemp extracts soothe and moisturize from head to toe. Subtle, refreshing tingle. TEA TREE HEMP RESTORING CONDITIONER & [...]

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New Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty products

Larijames is now carrying Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty products! Part of our commitment to a more sustainable future, Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty combines clean formulas, organic botanicals, and innovative bio-based packaging, to offer natural solutions that are good for salons, guests, and the planet. These cruelty-free, vegan formulas have the clean ingredients you want, without the ones you don’t. Farm to Bottle Each Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty product is made with a curated collection of sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients beneficial for hair. We grow our ingredients on an organic bio-dynamic farm and manufacture our products using good vibes and 100% clean energy. What’s Sweeter Than a Bottle Made from Sugarcane? Our innovative bio-based packaging is 90% derived from sustainable sugarcane and features a low-profile cap that uses 46% less plastic* than the [...]

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Awapuhi Dry Shampoo Foam

New at Larijames: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Dry Shampoo Foam. Refresh your hair between washes and extend your blowout after the salon. Applied like a mousse at the roots, this fast-drying, lightweight dry shampoo foam works without water to leave hair looking and feeling clean. Ginger Tea Fragrance: Fresh notes of Italian bergamot and Sicilian lemon create a bright, energetic top note over the exotic complexity of ginger and beautiful florals. With additional notes of green tea, lily, ginger, jasmine, musk, wood and spice. WHAT IT DOES. Fast-drying, lightweight foam refreshes hair between washes. HOW IT WORKS. Absorbs oil and leaves hair looking fresh, without any chalky residue. ADDED BONUS. Features our proprietary KeraTriplex® technology and natural awapuhi extract to help balance moisture and eliminate frizz for a soft, healthy-looking finish.

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New Tea Tree Lavender Mint Products

Discover the powerful blend of oils used in the new Lavender Mint Curl Collection to help smooth and enrich textured hair. This oil blend is infused in each of the seven new Curl Collection Lavender Mint products: MONOI OIL: A French-Polynesian infused perfume-oil made by soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil that calms, quenches and smoothes unruly hair. PEQUI OIL: A Brazilian miracle oil containing tocopherol and rich lipids, two of the substances considered best for promoting healthy hair. JOJOBA OIL: A liquid wax ester produced from the oily seed of the jojoba plant that is full of fatty acids, mimicking the natural oils found in skin and hair. LAVENDER MINT MOISTURIZING COWASH Creamy, no-lather rinse gently cleanses the scalp and nourishes dry, coarse hair and natural [...]

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Neuro: Maximize your style with a product that can take the heat

Larijames is now carrying the new line of Neuro Intelligent Styling products. Made with exclusive HeatCTRL® technology, the scientifically proven regimen activates with heat to help protect against damage caused by daily styling, blow-drying, and smoothing. The new Neuro products include the following: NEURO™ RESHAPE Long-lasting, reshapable memory cream lets you go from curls to straight to waves with no product reapplication. Unique reworkable memory is heat activated, allowing you to shape and reshape your style using thermal tools. Exclusive HeatCTRL®technology reduces the rate of heat transfer from roots to ends when using thermal styling tools. NEURO™ LATHER Cleanses heat-stressed strands with a refreshing scent. Color-safe. Gently removes dirt and styler residue. Contains exclusive HeatCTRL® technology to help create an ideal foundation for using thermal styling tools. NEURO™ RINSE Rich conditioner replenishes [...]

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Limited Edition Cosmic Holiday Collection

On sale at Larijames for the holiday season this year is this special limited-edition Cosmic Holiday Collection designed to smooth and style your hair, leaving you starry-eyed! Includes a free Cosmic bag to store and organize your tools.

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