The Most Effective Corrective: CosMedix

Now your skin can enjoy the impressive results afforded by CosMedix chirally corrected, natural ingredients. No longer do you have to harm your skin with harsh acids and irritating products. Instead, your skin will absorb the soothing, calming effects of nourishment as nature intended. Let your skin look and feel its best with CosMedix.

Cosmedix PurityPurity Solution. The perfect solution for any and all skin types, Purity Solution is nourishing enough for sensitive skin, yet cleansing enough for hyper-sebaceous skin. Melia Azadirachta Extract (Neem extract) removes excess oil, makeup, sunscreen and environmental impurities while nourishing Argan, Moringa and Olive Oils help to deliver key nutrients and antioxidants to keep skin clear and radiant.

Purity Detox Scrub. A cocktail of gentle physical exfoliators combined with salicylic acid, Purity Detox Scrub delivers a thorough and uniform exfoliation and acts as a detoxification system for the skin, removing excess impurities, cellular debris and residue. Reveal smoother, brighter-looking skin while reducing the appearance of visible pores and imperfections.

PomCorrect Peels. If you had a choice, would you apply harsh, damaging chemicals to your skin, or would you choose to apply a soothing, collagen stimulating therapy to enhance you skin’s appearance? Now CosMedix affords you that choice. Larijames offers an assortment of CosMedix Peels including Blueberry Jessner, Purity, Pomegranate and Deep Sea.

Correct & Stimulate. Energize your skin assist the its natural healing process by either providing support to the barrier or as anti-inflammatory ingredients. Products include Radiance Age Management Serum, Purity Balance Exfoliating Prep and Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser.

MaskCorrect & Repair. Products in this group assist the skin’s natural healing process by either providing support to the barrier or as anti-inflammatory ingredients. They include Healing Balms, Masks, Moisturizers and Hydrating Treatments.

Correct & Protect. These products reduce inflammation in the skin by reflecting potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation. They include Hydrate+ Daily Moisturizer, Reflect SPF-30 and Serious Protetion Total Sun Block.

CosMedix Videos

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CosMedix has a series of very useful videos on YouTube. Check them out their YouTube channel here.