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Larijames Salon Spa
Larijames Salon Spa
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Larijames Salon Spa
Larijames Salon Spa
Larijames Salon & Spa

It has been just over a week since we decided to suspend all services here at Larijames Salon and Spa. What have we been doing in the mean time, as many of you already know I have been contacting you about rescheduling your appointments. As the days go by we will keep reaching out to those of you that have appointments and try our best to keep you in the appointment book. Please be on the look out for our call.

Here are a few photos of our team and what they have been doing during this time of the Covid-19

Signed up for online classes Because we never stop learning!

Spending time with the pets!

Keeping the kids busy....

We like to eat, (maybe too much) way too many photos to share!

And exercise to help burn some of the food

Please stay healthy, we will be in contact with you!

Larry and your Larijames Family!
Larijames Salon Spa
Larijames Salon Spa
Dear Larijames Valued clients,

As we all endure an unexpected lifestyle shift due to COVID-19, and after countless hours of deliberation, Larijames Salon and Spa will close from March 17th to April 1st. This would be the best decision in being proactive to a situation that extends far beyond Larijames Salon and Spa.

We appreciate your faith and support in us and our decision. We are doing our best to do the right thing for you, your families and ultimately our community, in trying to lessen the curve of this current situation and do our part in being socially responsible. As always we will be in touch with you about reopening, rescheduling, and your stylists availability, as we are working diligently to accommodate the needs of all our valued clients. Stay healthy, safe and look forward to seeing you soon.

Larry and the Larijames Family

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