Tea Tree Products

Tea Tree

Discover our entire range of Tea Tree products, featuring natural extracts of Mint, Lavender, and Lemon. Experience our new anti-thinning, scalp care line.

Scalp Care

Tea Tree Scalp Care

Tea Tree Scalp Care line of products is a preventative system that gently and naturally helps slow down the process of hair thinning due to breakage. According to a clinical study, 85% reported increased hair volume and strength by using Tea Tree Scalp Care products.

Tea Tree Special

Tea Tree Special Products

Special ingredients and tea tree oil rid hair of impurities and leave hair full of vitality and luster. Consists of a shampoo, conditioner, hair and body moisturizer, and a shaping cream.

Tea Tree Lemon Sage

Tea Tree Lemon Sage

A zesty formula that plumps up fine strands, so hair looks and feels clean, thick and healthy. Consists of a thickening shampoo, thickening conditioner, and a thickening spray.

Lavender Mint

Tea Tree Lavender Mint

This calming quencher cleanses, soothes and replenishes dry, unruly hair. Moisture-rich conditioners and amino acids improve strength, shine and manageability, while calming lavender, mint and tea tree soothe mind and spirit.